The Best Way to Turn Things Around When You’re Stuck in a Negative Situation

This past week was pretty high pressure for me. Being in nursing school, we’re constantly given exams throughout the semester and unfortunately, I had to spend my break studying for this big exam that was basically one of the last few chances to bump up my grade.

Earning anything less than a 78% average of all your exams at my school means you fail. For this particular class, I was pretty much hanging on a cliff, just hovering at a 79.2%.

When you’re in a high pressure situation like that, studying can be so stressful. On the night before the exam, I had an episode of self doubt and anxiousness, wondering if I had studied hard enough. The horror story in my head kept building: “If I fail this exam, I would have to re-do this entire class, and I would have to spend even MORE money on summer tuition, and then I won’t be able to graduate until next September rather than May 2017. I’m so screwed! I’m already in so much debt and I need to move out of my parents house!”

Sitting there for a good 5 minutes as I projected fear and horror into my future, I caught myself. I realized that I had adopted this low vibe story and I was making it my reality. I then recognized that I could just as easily adopt a more positive story, and decide to make that my reality instead.

I asked myself: “How do I want to feel?” And suddenly a thought swept through my mind that said: “I want to feel like success follows me wherever I go!” This statement absolutely resonated with me at that moment, and I decided to take it on as a new, more loving story.

I said to myself repeatedly,”Success follows me wherever I go! Success follows me wherever I go!” And I decided to believe that whatever the outcome was, I would still be successful. If somehow I did end up failing this class, or I fail out of nursing school, I know that it’s because there is something even better out there for me.

This shift in beliefs changed everything for me. Realizing that all this talk in our minds are just stories and that these stories can either be fearful or loving, was a blessing. So at any moment, we can choose what story we decide to live in. Will we live in a loving and joyful story? Or will we live in a tragic horror story? Either way, it is up to you. Initially, I chose to experience this situation as stressful, until I decided to experience this situation as peaceful instead. There is so much power in this concept. You can change your life when you change the way you decide to perceive things.

As for the exam, well—it ended up being a piece of cake! Half way through, I had to sit and just be so grateful that I was able to tap into this inner confidence. I believe if I had taken that exam while still living in that highly stressful story, things would have been much different. I would have questioned and doubted my own knowledge too much.

So I just wanted to share this story with anyone who feels like they’re trapped in a negative situation. Take your power back and realize that you have the ability to decide how you want to perceive things in your life. Two people can look at the same picture and walk away with completely different interpretations of what they saw. It is absolutely possible to shift your vision in a more loving and positive direction.

Kisses and Meows,



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