On Dreading Things We Have To Do

One of the biggest obstacles I’ve had to handle for the past few years is going to school. It’s not something that I feel goes well with the way I want to live my life. Constant deadlines, inflexible schedules, worrying about grades, having homework, and studying for exams creep into the weekends–the weekends that are supposed to be for relaxing and having fun! I’ve learned a long time ago that school just isn’t my cup of tea. However, I’m still here pulling through. Why? Because it’s something that I saw was essential for me in order to get to where I want to be in life. It was the best way for me to mature and feel confident about putting out my own work into the world. It served as the intermediate transition zone from dependence to independence–which is a scary step to take.

However, going through the process of school with the type of mixed feelings I had, made a lot of what I was doing seem very taxing. I was working towards the goal of doing what I love (nursing!) but I hated some of the steps to get there. I seriously dragged my feet through countless projects, exams, and assignments. But somehow, it all worked out. I was somehow successful with all the projects, exams, and assignments. There were times where things got really tough and it literally felt like it was hurting my soul. But I got through it all. And now here I am, at my last semester of nursing school.

And this is where the Universe comes into play. I believe, without a doubt, that I am meant to be a nurse. It just feels right in all the right ways. And I’ve relied on this feeling for so much of the things I’ve had to do. Whenever finals would come around at the end of the semester, the task of studying for all those exams was so daunting that I would completely surrender all of it to the Universe. I knew that if I was truly meant to be a nurse, then I will be a nurse and nothing can stop that force of the Universe. And if I’m not meant to be a nurse, then the Universe will flow me into the career is perfect for me in every way.

So when you’re stuck in a situation like mine, I think the best thing you can do is to lean on that feeling of “what feels right”. You don’t even have to call it fate or the Universe or whatever. Just suspend your old beliefs for just a moment and open your mind. What is the the goal or result that absolutely feels right? That wonderful feeling is a guide that will take you to where you could never even dream of going. And all the things that seem to stand in your way, like exams or projects, will either flow out of your life OR won’t be as difficult as they initially seemed. This is a lesson I constantly re-learn and re-learn throughout the semesters because it’s so easy to forget this feeling when you feel like you’re buried in work. But if this path is meant to be, it will flow to you effortlessly. And if it’s not, then something more marvelous will take its place.

Kisses and Meows,




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