Perfection is Unnecessary

This past Monday night, I decided to make cupcakes to bring to my class potluck on Valentine’s Day. I was feeling a little creative and yet a little lazy, so I decided to just by box cake and ready-made icing from my local Harry Teets. So I made the cupcakes–mixed it up, poured it in, baked them, and iced them. I topped them off with those little sugar hearts that have the weird messages on them. They ended up looking quite adorable and I was genuinely proud of how they turned out. And me being me, of course I just had to try one! And to my surprise, it tasted extremely sweet. “Eughck,” was the expression I used at the time. Then I said to myself, “I can’t serve these to people! I absolutely can’t!” I wanted to throw out the entire batch right then. They were ruined. Tainted. Unacceptable. So I sat on the couch trying to figure out what to bring to this potluck that wouldn’t take too much time. And since I had a class right before this one, I didn’t have time to run out and get something. “Should I just buy them all chicken nuggets from McDonalds? How would I keep them fresh over night? What if they judged me if I brought McDonalds?” And on and on and on.

But eventually, I gave up. I had no more time to run and get something. I had to serve these horrible cupcakes. As I was driving to class, I envisioned myself leaving them out on the table for them to set up and running away. When it was time for the potluck to begin, I set them out on the table and tried not to make a big fuss about it. Everyone else seemed busy with their own things, so I managed to do it without anyone commenting on the cupcakes. However, when everyone circled around to grab the food, someone commented on how cute the cupcakes looked. And later, someone came up to me with an enthusiastic look on her face and asked, “You made these? They are so good!” I smiled and said thank you. And that was it. I laughed at the idea of myself throwing these cupcakes away when they were perfectly fine to begin with. And then I realized how much of a high standard I put on myself. On this one super insignificant thing that doesn’t matter. Yes, I wanted them to enjoy these cupcakes, but I wanted them to be perfect. And that doesn’t necessarily mean they had to be perfect in order for them to enjoy it. Some appreciated my icing work. Some loved the taste. And others just appreciated the fact that I had brought something to share with everyone. The thought of me going in circles last night about what to bring instead now just seemed silly. This little episode taught me to see the good in everything I create and contribute, despite it not being what I had originally wanted. Those good aspects are ALWAYS there and sometimes we just don’t have the eyes to see it. Thankfully, the wonderful people around us can bring us back and remind us of the things we cannot see in ourselves.

Man, now I want cake.

Kisses & Meows,

Gretchen ♥♥♥


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