Opening the Door for Inspiration

I’m the type of person who reads a million books at once and may or may not finish each one completely. Sometimes, a book leaves me with such a good-feeling thought or concept that I just have to stop reading, put the book down, and really immerse myself in the idea. And then, I’ll walk away from the chair or the couch and really think about the concept and may even try it in my own life. Which leads me to another thought about something, and that leads me to start another book regarding that topic, and then that inspires me to go out and read another book. So by the end of the day, you have a bunch of books split face down on your desk and you don’t know what to do with yourself. But then a thought occurs to me and it says, “that’s what Spirit does. It gives no fucks.” And a smile spreads across my face and I embrace the untidy, scattered mess of it all.

The Spirit of Inspiration is messy. It starts things and sometimes jumps to other things mid-way. At least, that’s how it has been for me during my lifetime. I used to dislike it, because my family would always comment about how I would be infatuated with one thing for one month and completely ditch it for something different the next month. And so, I learned to not like this about myself. As I grew up, I decided to only start things if I was going to finish it. But that just ended up being a horrible idea, because at one point in time, I just literally had no inspiration left in me. I had no drive to really do anything. I had shut the doors on Inspiration and it made my life motionless and gray.

But one day, I decided to open up a window for Inspiration. And after staying closed and dusty after the cold dead winter, this window let in warm, radiant rays of light that almost looked somewhat familiar and satisfying to me. Slowly, I opened up more windows and eventually said, “Oh the hell with it!” and just swung open the door and was met with Inspiration at full force. Oh the glorious, sweet warmth of the sun! It feels so wonderful to let you back in. And now, I welcome you—the complete you—exactly as how you want to present yourself to me, Inspiration. So if your plans are to tear it up and lead me to start a bunch of things spontaneously and bounce from one thing to the next, to the next—I will. Because a life that is colorless and stagnant is not life at all.

Welcome back, Spirit of Inspiration.

Kisses & Meows,



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