Money is a tool for LOVE and nothing less!

Money will not control me. It will not control my mood, it won’t make me sad or depressed or depleted or fearful. If anything, money can elevate my mood and help me feel the abundance that is already present in life, and nothing less. Money will not be used in any adverse way in my life. Money is good. It is always good. There is no such thing as lack of money, because the presence of ANY money, big or small, calls for a celebration of the love and prosperity already within us. Always. The amount I may have to pay for my bills or student loans is another method of me sharing the love. It doesn’t matter how big or small the contribution is. It is a physical manifestation of my appreciation.

Whether it’s a penny or a million dollars, it’s always the same kind of love.
Despite having to pay $700 in car expenses today, I’m still in love with the world. I’m still in love with the marvelous and the magnificent here in this world. I’m still in love with the Universe. This isn’t betrayal or a sign of looming defeat. I refuse to see it that way.
Above all appearances, I have perfect faith in my wealth, my prosperity, and my abundance all around me right now. These wonderful things were given to me by the Universe and are apart of me. I’m not fooled by what I see in the bank. I am taken care of. I have enough. And I will always have enough.
Money–in any amount–will never have the power to bring me down. It will never have the power to turn my joy into bitterness, it will never have the power to dampen my day, it will never have the power to change how I’d like to give back the world and love other people. Don’t let society shrink your mind and close it off. Don’t let it limit your beliefs and limit your own power. Other people around me may worry and complain and be depressed about their financial states, but I refuse to use money as a tool for fear and lack. I refuse to let it bring me down. Because ultimately, I know I am already the things that I seek in the world.
Just another rant,

Photo by Fabian Blank on Unsplash


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