You just need 1% of Faith

When times are tough, 1% of Faith is good enough.
A good example of this would be my story with acne and skin problems. For a good while now, I’ve had cycles of stubborn acne and eczema on my face that is difficult to treat with even the strongest prescription medicines. There came a point where I couldn’t even use makeup to cover it up because it just looked disgusting and cake-y.
It was hard for me to stay positive about it. It was hard to even look at my naked face in the mirror everyday.
By this point, I had already known the power of what faith can do. So I decided to turn to it, above all the medicine and makeup out there.


It turned out that it was still hard for me to forget about this situation and only think positive thoughts about it. So I decided that even just a little faith, goes a long way. And that I don’t have to be 100% confident or certain that it will all be okay. But I can be 1% positive that everything will be okay. And maybe even a little more than that. So I let myself take that as a win and I let it go from there. Needless to say, I felt a lot better by the end of the day, partially because I wasn’t trying to force myself in to a perfectly positive state when I was not ready to be in one. And I believe the Universe doesn’t ask us to be in perfect faith and alignment all the time. Having faith is not another way to apply your perfectionist tendencies. Nope, we don’t do that here. The Universe just asks us to realize when we’ve been derailed, and the second we start to steer back on track, the Divine will carry us to where we need to be. All it takes is that 1%.
So, what does having 1% faith mean? It means to be compassionate with yourself when you still feel the fear, when you still feel scared–it’s letting yourself go through the process of feeling the fear, but also holding onto that tiny little voice saying that it will all be alright. And that you are loved infinitely, no matter what. And as the days go, as the fear starts to shed, that 1% gets bigger and stronger. You can count on it.
Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash


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