Loving Thoughts are the Backbone to Vibrant Health

If you’re deciding on whether or not to go on a diet, cleanse, or food challenge in order to lose weight, be healthier, and gain clarity, I’d like to propose to you a better game plan that will help you achieve that and much more:

Amazing, vibrant health is first achieved through thinking more loving thoughts.

When I look back at all the times I’ve tried to diet, lose weight, and get healthy—there has always been something within me that caused me to fail, mess up, or go off track. Falling off the wagon and struggling to get back up was often the result of the mean, critical, judgmental, nasty thoughts that I kept consuming and believing and buying into. And that is what ultimately kept me struggling, sick, and stuck.

If you want a healthy body, why not start with healthier thoughts?

You can eat the healthiest foods and prevent toxin exposure everywhere you go, but if the thoughts inside your head are always criticizing you or negatively comparing you to others, then you will continue to manifest sickness and unhealthy states.

I’ve found that all the times I’ve ever binged on lots of carbs and sugar are during states where I’m stressed, anxious, or bored. And during these lower vibrational states, you may not realize that many of these emotions are fueled by endless self-sabatoging, hateful, and judgmental thoughts. If you get rid of the loveless thoughts, you get rid of the excessive negative emotions, which prevents the need to numb yourself out with food, alcohol, drugs, etc. And the result, is a healthier, more vibrant you.

Being a natural people pleaser, if anyone ever criticized me, I took it really personally. And what happens to my thoughts when someone criticizes me or my actions? I hold on to it, rather than letting it go. I take it as a personal attack, rather than seeing it as an opportunity for growth. I resent the person, rather than thank them. I start to see myself as inadequate and unworthy, even though I am none of those things. I start to feel like a burden to the world, when I am truly not. When we get triggers like this, it causes us to suddenly believe in the idea that we are bad, we are not enough, we suck, and we don’t deserve love. A cascade of unhealthy ego thoughts occur after just this one comment by someone, and you start to give into this illusion of fear and hate. You forget your connection to love.

A large part of what healthy thinking is is refusing to feed into the loveless thoughts. Its refusing to buy into these silly ideas that pop into your mind, telling you you’re too fat to be loved, telling you that you’re such a failure and you’ll never be successful, or telling you to fear this or that. Its refusing to pay them any attention and energy. Its a practice of being mindful and aware of your thoughts, especially during periods of stress and anxiety.

When you do that, you prevent yourself from frequently feeling angry, guilty, or hateful. And when that is prevented, you block off the destructive energy from destroying you. You suddenly decide to let go of all those self-sabatoging practices that you’ve held onto for years—binge eating, insomnia, outbursts of anger, bullying, taking it out on your loved ones, drinking, smoking, eating sugar, panic attacks—all those emotional crutches you’ve depended on in order to cope with your inability to handle such extreme emotions. When those practices are no longer needed, AS A RESULT OF THINKING BETTER THOUGHTS, you become healthier—naturally. Then, you’ll be able to think clearly and make better lifestyle choices to support the love you have for yourself.

Personally, I’ve seen this work in my life and it has been life-changing to know that everything begins with thought. I lost 15 lbs over a couple of months without trying or “efforting” my way there. I didn’t go on a traditional diet—I went on a thought diet—I decided to think better thoughts about myself and the world. 

Yes, of course, there will be times when you can’t always be loving, and your thoughts won’t always be the nicest, but its a matter of catching them and realizing the moment you start to drift off in that direction. The goal is not to think loving thoughts all the time and to be perfect in your mental and spiritual landscape. Nope, this is not a place to project your perfectionist tendencies here. The goal is to give into Love, rather than giving into fear, a little bit more than you did yesterday.

Kisses & Meows,


Photo by Eli DeFaria on Unsplash


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