The Best Way to Experience Your Emotions and Be Liberated From Them

I’m not a fan of scary movies.

As a kid, they’ve always left me so terrified that I couldn’t even go to the bathroom by myself! Scary movies have always had some sort of grasp on me and my overactive imagination. I’ve been constantly trying to avoid them, even now as a grown adult.

However, I recently decided to challenge this fear by going to see the horror movie It this weekend. I’m not particularly scared of clowns, and in fact, I thought the whole idea of a scary movie based on a creepy clown was pretty funny. So I decided, why not see it for fun? The whole concept of this exercise was to see if I could keep myself detached enough not get so sucked into it, realize it was just a movie, have fun, and leave it at that.

With that mindset in mind, I sat down in the movie theater, excited as ever to be finally willing to face this fear. Thankfully, most of the movie wasn’t too bad—just some jump scares here and there. Although, at some points of the movie, I started to get sucked into it. Observing the rush of fear within me, I mentally stepped back and took my head out of the water. I looked at the movie as just a movie—with the creepy lighting, the talented orchestra creating suspenseful music, and the wonderful actors sharing their gifts. And I was able to detach from it completely and not give into my fear. It is just a movie, I said myself, It is just a movie. And just like that, I was able to sit back, and enjoy the temporary thrills this movie had to offer.

After this experience, I just had to wonder, What if I used this same technique in dealing with strong surges of emotion, like fear, anxiety, or stress, and therefore, being able to maintain a calm, level head in the midst of them? Maybe even enjoy them? What would happen if I could just zone in on certain aspects of an emotion to break it down—to the physical sensations, the dialogue in your head, or the shallowness of your breathing—just how I broke down the elements of the horror movie—the lighting, the music, the camera angles, the costumes, the fake blood. And once you do that, you are suddenly looking at your anger or sadness as like a painting on a wall. Simply observing it, calm and unattached. And like how some of us decide to watch scary movies for fun, we can try to have a fun and light approach to experiencing emotions, even the negative ones.

Similar to the last post, I’ve been on a roll with trying to reframe emotions and see them in different ways. It’s been interesting to find our that I can change the relationship I have with them, and not have my emotions have command over me. The whole point is not to eliminate emotions or numb them out—its about knowing how to deal with them in the best and most effective way possible when they do surface (and they definitely will).

Think of all the benefits of mastering your emotions! You won’t ever have to turn to all those compulsory habits that aren’t that healthy for you—like binge eating, drinking, smoking, or endless amounts of Netflix to numb out the emotions. Panic attacks disappear, the hair pulling or nail biting habits dissolve. You’ll simply be able to experience the emotions, let them go, and move on with your day.

Emotional mastery is such an essential part of living the life you’ve always dreamed of. It improves the quality of your life, your relationships, your health, and your career. This is a topic I’m very interested in, so get ready to here more about it in the future.

Until next time….


Kisses & Meows,



Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash


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