Why I Eat For Pleasure

Because it’s the easiest, most thoughtless way to feeling good and relieving tension and stress.

It’s automatic. I don’t have to challenge my brain or try too hard, and the lure of it is that it works instantly.

Eating can be just a mindless activity. You can just sit there and watch TV while eating a bag of chips with no conscious thought of what you’re putting in your body. There is no regard to what you’re consuming—you’re just consuming. And it’s easy. Just like how easy it is to buy into whatever the news and media tells you. You end up just being a victim or a sucker who didn’t know any better.

Do YOU want to be a sucker?

I know I don’t.

One of the reasons why I’m so obsessed with personal development is because I don’t want to be a sucker and I want to get the most out of my life and have amazing experiences.

And if I’ve learned anything so far in my self growth journey, I know that I can change mindless patterns and bad habits by continuing to remind myself of what drives me.

Why do I wake up in the morning to go to work or do what I do? Why do I constantly want to grow? What is the vision I’m trying to achieve?

When I answer these questions for myself, I am able to access joy and relief instantaneously. Suddenly, stress will wear off and I’ll feel more relaxed and recharged. My energy starts to build up again as I focus on my big life motivations. And naturally, food becomes less of a crutch.

When you’re feeling burnt out, remembering  your “Why’s” is a better, more high quality way to experience joy and relief quickly and easily. You don’t need anything else to help you remember them. No food, no money, no netflix, no people. All you need to do is take a moment to pause and reflect.

Always remember….staying in touch with your “Why” is better than a slice of pie!


Kisses & Meows,



Photo by Ali Inay on Unsplash



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