Feel Reinvigorated with Self Love

I recently had a run-in with the good spirit of self love.

Somewhere along the way, I had forgotten the importance of talking to myself with kindness and gentleness. I had forgotten to check-in with myself and how I was feeling.

It’s funny how when things in our lives are going a mile a minute, we tend to forget about the nurturing art of self love and self care. Things have been progressing with work and I have been seeing an increase in my performance, as well as some good introspective insights, but it’s caused me to forget about nourishing my own self. And when I start to see external positive progress about myself, I can tend to be too hard on myself, expect too much of myself, and be too critical of myself. I see external progress as a sign to keep pushing, keep going, and not stopping. I suddenly think I’m above the idea of Self Love or slowing down or taking a break.

This has caused me to dive deeper into my self love practices, because even if life is going well, we still need to learn to be kinder to ourselves. External success does not indicate internal peace, and sometimes, it produces the opposite.

Here are a few actions I’m taking to get back to listening to myself and treating myself with kindness and love:

  • Check-in’s with myself during the day: Asking myself, how am I feeling? And if there is anything I can do to make things better at the moment? How can you feel more alive now?
  • Noticing when I’m judging myself or being too harsh: Sometimes I’m not able to catch the words, but I’m able to feel the feeling of being judged. It’s usually this tightness of anxiety in my chest, and I start to feel guilty or that I’m going something completely wrong.
  • Changing my inner dialogue: When I catch myself being too critical of myself, I can observe it non-judgmentally and let it go. This can be a challenge. However, I’ve come up with my go-to self love mantra that I repeat with feeling every time I observe the negative voices: I Love You. I Appreciate You. I Approve of You. I Respect You. I Honor You. I know you are going to do wonderful things. It’s okay, my love. It is okay. You are safe. You are safe. You are safe.
  • Put it into writing: This is something I’ve start implementing. Writing down or consciously finding 3 things I appreciate about myself or the moment right now. This is a booster to help energize you and be in the space of love.
  • Tending to my own physical needs more often. Drink water, use the restroom, find some stillness in a hectic day, have a healthy snack, stay on top of vitamins and supplements, moisturize your skin, take care of your hair.
  • The bottom line is to know this: You are brave and wonderful. I know you don’t think that sometimes, but you truly are. It’s okay to doubt and it’s okay if there is fear. But underneath it all, know that you are more than worthy. You are enormous. You are substantial. You are powerful. Use that power to create more love in this world.

Sometimes, progress comes in the form of failure. The resistance I’m going through now is another opportunity to truly purge negative talk and habits within me that haven’t been able to come out just yet. This is another “cleansing” period. This is indeed a period of rich progress and fulfillment. Be aware of this resistance, and thank this resistance. Thank it for bringing you back to your self love practices. Because self love and self care is so important, we can’t forget about it! Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Kisses & Meows,



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