How To Be Positive When Things Around You Are Falling Apart

Sure, it’s easy to be positive when the sun is shining, when money is flowing in nicely, and when your hair decides to cooperate in the morning. Sure it’s easy to feel the positivity when people compliment you, when the tell you how much you’ve impacted them, or when you earn awards and recognition.
But if you’re like me, when the clouds start to come in, and the grayness sets in—when you receive harsh criticism from others, or when something absolutely tragic happens that flips your world upside down—the ability to stay positive ceases and it seems like you’ve been fucked over by life.
There are 2 types of positivity that are discussed out there. The first one is the most familiar to all of us. This is what most people think of when they hear, “Just be positive about it!”.  It’s represented by the cheerleader, the sun, and that bubbly person who is always so upbeat at work. This version of positivity plasters anything sad or depressing with one of those yellow smiley faces. “Don’t be so mad that you got a parking ticket. Cheer up! Everything is wonderful!” Don’t you just want to punch people who do that? I know I do! The problem with this type of positivity is that it thinks is can brush over and ignore anything that is not “happy”. And if one day you come into work not as chipper or or in a dampened mood because your dog may be put down, this type of positivity doesn’t allow you to grief. It doesn’t allow you to be human. And it blames you for every moment you may dwell in pain, fear, or negativity.
The second type, is called deep positivity. It’s represented by the Hermit of the Major Arcana in Tarot and the stars in the night sky. It is represented by that friend who sits with you when you’re crying and doesn’t say a word, and who is there for you empathetically and is willing to go through the storms with you. This version of positivity is like a dark shade of purple. It’s magnificent and beautiful, yet it encapsulates the essence of the dark times we all go through as human beings. Deep positivity says: “I know this hurts. And it will hurt for a little while. And it may take awhile for you to get to the other side of this, but know that this is making you stronger. And you will be okay.” It acknowledges the clear challenges we all face and the deep emotions we can feel when going through our life’s journey. It doesn’t gloss over it. It lets you feel, so you can release. And making you into a person who is able to rise above and transcend these tragedies into your own greatness.
Kisses & Meows,

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