“Everything Is Honored But Nothing Matters” {Eckhart Tolle}


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I love this quote.

This quote allows me to relax and let go.

Of everything that I try to strive for. Of everything that I try to create.

Sometimes, I look at all the personal growth books that I’ve been reading, all of the podcasts I listen to to improve myself, all of the goals I set out to complete and feel that there is something missing. It’s this little itch of a feeling suggesting that all that of this trying and doing and pushing won’t help me feel any better about myself.

I love this quote because I deeply believe in its meaning and what its trying to say.

The essence of everything is already whole and complete.

All that I do to try and make make myself feel better–whether its get ahead in my career, make good money, or start up my own business–really doesn’t make a difference. Because the joy that I am striving to feel is already available to me, right now.

It doesn’t matter if I decide to move across the country.

It doesn’t matter if I decide to quit my job tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter if I people give me praise or criticism.

Just like how a woman dressed in fancy clothes doesn’t mean she’s rich.

Or like how a woman dressed in rugged jeans and a sweatshirt doesn’t mean she’s not a millionaire.

The essence of the person is not affected by the clothes. And the essence of myself is not affected by my life’s circumstances. Whether or not I have a job at a big company or work for myself. Whether or not I travel the world or stay in one place. The essence of who I am does not change.

And sometimes, I get so caught up in arranging my life circumstances a particular way that I miss the point of actually living. I miss the joy that is in this present moment.

Being able to enjoy your own essence of who you are feels joyful. It feels amazing. It feels light and happy. There is no stress, no strain, no striving. Everything just is. And all is well. You just let go and you let yourself be cared for by the Universe. I know, easier said then done. But its never too late to start unwinding yourself and practicing being in your own presence.

Kisses & Meows,



2 thoughts on ““Everything Is Honored But Nothing Matters” {Eckhart Tolle}”

    1. Thank you for your comment! Yes, I definitely agree! I’ve been trying to shift my efforts into living my life in the present rather than to constantly improve it for the future. It almost becomes a compulsion or another vehicle for self criticism if we continue to live in this way.

      Have a great day 🙂

      – Gretchen

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