All That I Experience Is Good


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Your mind is your endless servant.

Whatever you say will be, the mind makes it so.

You know the truth in this already. If you start your day off by thinking the day will be bad, then the experiences you have throughout the day validates this belief. Likewise, if you start off your day believing all that you experience is good, then your mind will give you experiences that validate this statement.

There are billions of stimuli to our brain at this very moment. We can only pick up and notice a certain amount of things. Our mind can only focus and intake so much stimuli. In commanding your mind that all that you experience is good, your mind will pick up only the stimuli that give you that. For example, if you say to your mind you want to see a stuffed teddy bear today, I guarantee you you will see one. Your mind is your faithful servant. It blindly follows the boss. And the boss is YOU.

Sharing this concept with you guys brings me great joy. I absolutely love talking about the power of our minds and our ability to create the reality we want to see. We are not victims to our experiences—this is the most disempowering belief we can carry. We can deliberately create experiences that bring us joy, fulfillment, and excitement. The best thing about this is that we don’t need to attain any achievement, social status, wealth, or award in order to bring about these wonderful, positive experiences. We can bring out these powerful positive emotions right now. We don’t need to chase anything or anyone anymore. We are all that we need. It all begins within.

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