To All Those Who Are People Pleasers…


Unsophisticated Wisdom Instagram

You are worthy.

You are substantial.

You are powerful.

Don’t give away your power to others.

Assigning yourself the responsibility of making sure everyone in your life is happy dilutes your power and takes your own life force away.

Your existence is not burdensome.

Your existence is beautiful. 

Your existence means so much more than fixing other people’s issues.

You don’t need permission to take exactly what you want.

You don’t need to make sure everyone else is happy first before making yourself happy.

Making yourself happy is the priority. All else will fall into place.

Making your happiness and satisfaction contingent upon other’s constantly fluctuating moods is a game that can’t be won.

Drop the act. Drop the mask. Take a breath and just feel what’s within.

Don’t let people take bites out of you. Protect yourself.

Each person is in charge of their own life, of their own joy and happiness.

Respect others’ journeys and let them do their thing.

There’s nothing you can really do to change their mind.

Apply your efforts to yourself. Read that book you’re excited about. Drink that tea that helps you feel present. Hug your puppy. Sing that song that makes you feel bliss. Laugh at a cheesy romantic comedy while eating your favorite chocolate. Call that person you want to talk to. Take the day off and get your nails done. Get a shoulder massage. Shop online for those shoes you’ve been wanting. Talk to strangers at a coffee shop. Cuddle in a warm blanket while watching your favorite Netflix show.

Do whatever you want to do. Because its your life. Not your parents’, not your friends’, not your boss’s. So much of what we “should” do are just a bunch of things our parents or our friends or society as a whole are telling us to do. No one else but YOU knows what is good for you. You can ditch that old paradigm, that old way of living. Right now. It’s just like throwing away a used to tissue (yes, I’m going You used it at some point in your life and it may have been effective before, but now, it’s neither useful or sanitary to keep it around.

You have the power to create an amazing life. The life of your dreams! The only person you need to please is YOURSELF. This is your life. And best thing about it is, you get to live on your terms. You deserve to live the best life imaginable. Regardless of where you start, regardless of what happened in the past. Own your power, own your life.


Kisses & Meows,






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