Hello there!

Do you have a wildly amazing vision for your life?

Are you eager to pursue this vision, but find there are certain mental blocks holding you back?

That was exactly me. Actually, that’s still me right now. I wake up with a rush of excitement and eagerness to move closer to my dreams, but it quickly disappears when I think of all the individual steps I need to take to actualize those dreams.

I procrastinate. I pace around my house. I snack on junk food. I criticize myself endlessly.

There is this tension that occurs when I try to sit down and do anything meaningful, anything that’s worth doing. I’m still a big believer in “following your joy” but I know that it’s not always that simple or black & white.

Sometimes what we need to do the most gives us the most pain and anxiety.

And that’s okay.

I created this daily planner for people like myself who feel the pain & resistance of doing the work that we are called to do in this life.

The path to create an amazing life and share our gifts with the world is not always sunshine and cupcakes.

A big focus of this planner is to identify your resistance traps and how to overcome them. However, I can’t tell you what your exact forms of resistance are or how to overcome them. Only you can.

Examples of resistance would be any vice, addiction, or perceived limitation. The moment you decide it’s impossible, then it is.

For example, one resistant trap that I’ve been writing down for myself is always trying to achieve perfection, which is so frustrating since this is virtually impossible. Nothing will ever be perfect. And so for me, nothing ever gets done. Or if it does, it’s never good enough in my book.

A strategy of trying to overcome this block is to instead go for “finished” or “good enough”. I wrote down on my planner that there is no point to any of this if what I’m trying to create isn’t finished and shipped out to the world. All that hard work is wasted when it’s not shared.

A huge inspiration for this planner was Steven Pressfield’s popular book, “The War of Art”. Reading this book has changed my life and the way I approach my work. I’ve converted some of the ideas into practical, no-nonsense steps. I highly recommend reading this book to gain deeper understanding of how to overcome resistance blocks.

In addition, I’ve incorporated some of my own tricks that help me get through the boring, yet necessary chores of life (mundane chores infused with joy).

Below is a link to the pdf. It contains a little note from me, an example of how to use the planner (one that I’ve written and actually used in my daily life), and a blank one for you to fill out in whatever way you want.

This planner was crafted with love and made to support your highest visions. Thank you for taking the big leap of faith with me to bring the unmanifested into the world.

Kisses & Meows,


One of my own daily planners that I’ve filled out:

Resistance Daily Sample

Overcome Resistance Daily PDF download: UWisdom_OvercomeResistanceDaily


Photo by Cassie Boca on Unsplash