All That I Experience Is Good


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Your mind is your endless servant.

Whatever you say will be, the mind makes it so.

You know the truth in this already. If you start your day off by thinking the day will be bad, then the experiences you have throughout the day validates this belief. Likewise, if you start off your day believing all that you experience is good, then your mind will give you experiences that validate this statement.

There are billions of stimuli to our brain at this very moment. We can only pick up and notice a certain amount of things. Our mind can only focus and intake so much stimuli. In commanding your mind that all that you experience is good, your mind will pick up only the stimuli that give you that. For example, if you say to your mind you want to see a stuffed teddy bear today, I guarantee you you will see one. Your mind is your faithful servant. It blindly follows the boss. And the boss is YOU.

Sharing this concept with you guys brings me great joy. I absolutely love talking about the power of our minds and our ability to create the reality we want to see. We are not victims to our experiences—this is the most disempowering belief we can carry. We can deliberately create experiences that bring us joy, fulfillment, and excitement. The best thing about this is that we don’t need to attain any achievement, social status, wealth, or award in order to bring about these wonderful, positive experiences. We can bring out these powerful positive emotions right now. We don’t need to chase anything or anyone anymore. We are all that we need. It all begins within.

Kisses & Meows,



Money is a tool for LOVE and nothing less!

Money will not control me. It will not control my mood, it won’t make me sad or depressed or depleted or fearful. If anything, money can elevate my mood and help me feel the abundance that is already present in life, and nothing less. Money will not be used in any adverse way in my life. Money is good. It is always good. There is no such thing as lack of money, because the presence of ANY money, big or small, calls for a celebration of the love and prosperity already within us. Always. The amount I may have to pay for my bills or student loans is another method of me sharing the love. It doesn’t matter how big or small the contribution is. It is a physical manifestation of my appreciation.

Whether it’s a penny or a million dollars, it’s always the same kind of love.
Despite having to pay $700 in car expenses today, I’m still in love with the world. I’m still in love with the marvelous and the magnificent here in this world. I’m still in love with the Universe. This isn’t betrayal or a sign of looming defeat. I refuse to see it that way.
Above all appearances, I have perfect faith in my wealth, my prosperity, and my abundance all around me right now. These wonderful things were given to me by the Universe and are apart of me. I’m not fooled by what I see in the bank. I am taken care of. I have enough. And I will always have enough.
Money–in any amount–will never have the power to bring me down. It will never have the power to turn my joy into bitterness, it will never have the power to dampen my day, it will never have the power to change how I’d like to give back the world and love other people. Don’t let society shrink your mind and close it off. Don’t let it limit your beliefs and limit your own power. Other people around me may worry and complain and be depressed about their financial states, but I refuse to use money as a tool for fear and lack. I refuse to let it bring me down. Because ultimately, I know I am already the things that I seek in the world.
Just another rant,

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What Direction Are You Driving In?

It’s hilarious how dramatically true the Law of Attraction is in our lives.

Currently, I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction (LOA, for short) by Abraham Hicks, and although I’ve read many other articles and books on this phenomenon, I really appreciate the refreshing simplicity of this entity’s teachings. It’s made me really focus on the fundamentals of the LOA in a real practical way. So I decided to start off this morning by focusing on more aligning and feel good thoughts, which I felt really made a difference initially.

Earlier today, I went to help out at a food pantry at a church that I’ve only been to twice now. I was dragging my feet a bit on my way there because working here requires me to go outside of my comfort zone and interact with a room full of strangers who seem like they don’t want to talk to you and just want food. However, I forced my way around the room and introduced myself personally to everyone. Surprisingly, I found myself getting involved in a great conversation with some folks about chronic health issues like diabetes, hypertension, and stress. This was a really uplifting experience for me and it was definitely something I wasn’t expecting. I was genuinely surprised at how much many people weren’t aware of what good nutrition was and it made me feel like I needed to do something to help them out. So I went to print out some easy to read infographics about how to manage diabetes, how to decrease high blood pressures, etc. to pass out to everyone. And I found myself wanting to be more involved than I had initially expected, and let me just tell you, the connection I had with these people was real. It was awesome. By this point, I was thanking the LOA for this experienced and felt really good about the whole thing.

Once the food pantry had ended, I took off to go home. At this point of the story, it’s important to note that I was an hour away from home and that I had only 1/4 of tank of gas that seemed to be quickly dwindling. Also, it was around noon at this time, so my belly was getting pretty grumbly. OH and ALSO, I needed to write a book report on a book I hadn’t started that was due the following day. Lots of things going on here, but I tried not to be phased by all of it.

So there I was, “happily” driving along, but also really longing to be home already, when we came across about a mile of congested traffic. I was mildly irritated, but it ended up moving faster than I had expected, so I wasn’t too pressed about it. I passed through the traffic (they shut down the left lane, tsk tsk) and about 5 minutes later, saw this huge water tower that I hadn’t seen before. “I must have not seen it on my way there this morning,” I said to myself. But it wasn’t until I saw the huge ass welcome sign from a neighboring state that I realized I had been DRIVING THE WRONG WAY for about 20 minutes! I was pissed to say the least.

It’s actually a bit shameful and sort of funny now that I think about my outburst of anger. I managed to hit the steering wheel really hard without it actually honking (one of my car’s lovely quirks) and I actually cried (I’d like to blame my hormones?). I don’t know why I was being so dramatic. Maybe because in addition to being about 1 1/2 hours away from home, I was hungry and had wasted my gas. Womp. It was actually amazing that I was able to drive properly during that episode. I honestly can’t remember the last time I felt that much anger and rage. Eventually, I calmed down, stopped for gas, and made it home safe and sound.

The dramatic differences between these two back to back experiences makes me laugh, but also made me realize how important it is to be aware of how aligned you are in the present moment. I was feeling so good this morning that I had relaxed and stopped being mindful of my internal mood. I stopped focusing on feeling joy and I started to think of aspects of my situation that stressed me out. Even though I was “happily” driving through traffic, I wanted to get home so badly because I was stressed out about the assignment I needed to do today. I didn’t trust that I had enough gas and I didn’t trust that I would have enough time and as a result, I was operating from state of lack. So I had attracted that very internal state of lack–I ended up having a lack of food, lack of gas, lack of patience, and less time to work on that report. Now that I reflect on it, my experience matched what I was feeling internally so well. But at the time, it seemed like such a subtle and habitual shift–I wasn’t even aware I was out of alignment before it all happened. Just like how I wasn’t even aware I was driving in the wrong direction for 20 minutes. I saw certain things, like that water tower, that should have been red flags indicating I was not going in the right direction. But I ignored them and continued on.

So I guess that is step 1 for basically everything. Be aware of where you are all the time. Are you currently driving your car in the wrong direction? What are some red flags telling you that you are out of alignment?

For me, some of my red flags would be minor annoyances, being irritable, stressing over small things, or feeling rushed. I think the more aware you are of your current state, the more empowered you are to do something that makes you feel better. This holds true for many situations. A big example would be the infamous AA line–” Hi I’m _____, and I’m an alcoholic.” Being aware of where you are will enable you stop the car and re-route your GPS to guide you to the right direction. It will help you change things for the better before things get worse and you end up on the other side of the state border with an empty gas tank!

Kisses and Meows,